Sunday, July 13, 2008


A Mantra my sister Anna follows to maintain her life and home in order. Write this Mantra on Index Cards perfumed with Basil essential oil and paste them in every room of your house
  • 'If you take it out, put it back'.
  • 'If you open it, close it'.
  • 'If you throw it down, pick it up'.
  • 'If you take if off, hang it up'.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Back to School Days

Every morning I light an aromatic candle before meditation - to thank god for another day and to bestow his light on all that I do and surround me with his light all through the day. Lighting a candleis a metaphor for the process of illumination, fire transmites physical energy into light.

So Today I got an Ayurvedic Teacher. His name is Pritam Raj, who is teaching me Anatomy and physiology. I feel that I am back in school. It is a wonderful experience.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


"I am finally back now after all my hectic work". I was busy all these days. We have conducted a competetion 'INDIA CUP OPEN 2007' which held in India Expo, Noida on 2nd December, 2007. The show had the largest international participation by beauty show has ever experienced in India.
This was India’s first mega event – an International exhibition, a national competition, and master classes for the professionals which the Indian beauty industry was long awaited for. This show has the largest international participation by beauty show has ever experienced in India.
an international exhibition which brought the latest in cosmetics, hair and equipment worldwide. It was wonderful that we got to see the international latest at our own doorsteps. And that’s not all – we got to witness leading international and national speakers talk and demonstrate on hair, make-up, aesthetics and techniques to increase business for your salons!
I was in a process of expansion of Spas & Accademies. I have 200 spas in all over the country and 24 accamedies.
When we were in Singapore lately, and every shop I walked into had a bowl of water at the entrance. they do it for prosperity. Add some sea sault and a drop of Lavender in it and it will dispel negative energies also because water cleanses and absorbes negative energy. A bowl of fresh water or glass of water in a room neutralises unbalanced energy. Do not forget to change the water regularly.