Thursday, April 29, 2010


A healthy AURA is like a filter, that allows only good to get to us. But when the Aura is weakened it gives rise to mental and physical tensions that can result in illness, Since Aura is a thought emanation whenever I am afraid or feel negative about life I TAKE A FEW DROPS OF LAVENDER and rub it between my palms, bring my palms to my nose, close my eyes and inhale and as I inhale I imagine myself centered within a sphere of white light, that also permeates my body. I feel myself protected with this sphere of light and the ENERGY around me is unbroken, especially over my head.

Another way to psychically cleanse your Aura is to put a drop or two of LAVENDER essential oil in your palms rub them together and brush them all over your AURA starting from your head to your feet., this is very effective after being in a crowded place.