Sunday, January 30, 2011


India has been practicing and using AROMATHERAPY for over 10,000 years. and infact in a lot of small towns and villages they are still using Aromatherapy without knowing it.

SANDALWOOD has been used in temples to calm a person down and ground them. a lot of beauty preparations, like cooling FACE PACKS and BODY SCRUBS are made of Sandalwood pastes and Holy pastes to anoint the Kings and High Priests

To rejuvenate skin there was an ointment known as URGUJJA that contained SANDALWOOD, ALOES. ROSE AND JASMINE essential oils were used which counterats the effect of the sun. It is still used to maintain youth.

ALOE VERA GEL mixed with JASMINE essential oil was used regularly by women to preserve vitality and renew the reproductive system.

Women washed hair daily with ALOE VERA GEL or SHIKAKAI and aromatic herbs and oiled their hair with COCONUT or SESAME oil mixed with SANDALWOOD, JASMINE, ROSE or YLANG YLANG . They dried their hair with AROMATIC INCENSE.

Massage with oils of COCONUT and SESAME perfumed with AROMATIC herbs and woods was popular and WOMEN drank milk decocotions with little SAFFRON and SHATAVARI to bring a glow to their complexion.